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Tour NPCU- 2 Country Tour

- Our National Parks -


- Canada & USA -


-  The Natural Wonders of North America  -

 The Experience of a Lifetime ... - 2 Tours Combined -

              -     Canadian Rockies &               - USA Rocky Mountains - 

- Glaciers - Mountains -  Lakes - Ocean - CNarbCaCo  169

- YES -  You  CAN  see it ALL -

 ... Mother Nature’s Scenic Wonders on ONE Tour ! 

                        - USA -                                            - CANADA -

      - Yellowstone        - Mt. Rushmore^       - Lake Louise    - Calgary

      - Salt Lake City^   - Seattle                     - Banff                - Jasper

      - Jackson Hole     - Grand Teton            - Snowfields

      - Deadwood^        - Devil’s Tower^         - Vancouver*

      - Denver                - Glacier Nat’l Park    - Victoria*

      - Rocky Mountain National Park             - Butchart Garden*


 - Motorcoach - Amtrak - VIA Rail or Rocky Mountaineer Train  

      - 6 to 9 days from $1195 ppdo - 10 to 17 days from $1599 ppdo

      - INCLUDES  -  AIR or AMTRAK train from the East Coast  

                                    *post tour      ^varies w/route


- National Parks Tour -


- Canada & USA -


Your Itinerary Outline*


Your Tour Begins in Denver 

Pre-Tour Available - Amtrak Train begins in Chicago


Day 1  Arrive in Denver Noon or later.Welcome Dinner ON=2 Den Area

Day 2  Rocky Mountain National Park - Denver Tour

Day 3  Amtrak Train to Grand Junction - Overnight = ON Grand Jct =2 Nt

Day 4  Narrow Gauge Train Tour - Durango and Silverton Railroad

Day 5  Salt Lake City Guided Tour            ON  Salt Lake City

Day 6  Grand Tetons National Park        ON Jackson WY

Day X     Additional Day Available - River Rafting, Horseback Trail Ride

Day 7  Yellowstone National Park          ON  West Yellowstone MT

Day 8  Kalispel MT - Whitefish                  ON  Kalispell MT

Day 9  Glacier National Park                   ON  Browning IndianMuseum

Day 10 Calgary Alberta - Canada             ON  Calgary

Day 11 Banff - Lake Louise - Snowfields-Lake Cruise-Farewell Dinner

Day 12     continue   Banff National Park  Kootenay NP   Jasper NP

Day 13 Depart for Home    YOUR  Choices including Post-Tour 


               A.  Return to Denver by Motorcoach - 2 Days  1 OverNight

               B.  Amtrak Train Home from Browning MT East Glacier

                                     TO - Seattle - Portland - Chicago - Minneapolis

               C.  Fly Home from Calgary

               D.  VIA Rail Canada Train to Vancouver or Toronto

               E.  Rocky Mountaineer Train to Vancouver

               F.   Vancouver - Fly Home OR Amtrak to Seattle


         - Prices based on lowest Air or Train Fare          

         - Private Rooms and Meals on trains additional by Date 



This Tour is just SO Spectacular, SO Fascinating, ...and ...

..... SO Rich in the Heritage of our National Parks .....

      And many of the scenic wonders that you have heard about all your life ... well, you just have to read our complete itinerary outline .  It is difficult to believe that this tour covers so much of our National heritage and history.  From the faces on Mt. Rushmore and the Rocky Mountains to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.   From Glacier Park, then into Canada - Banff, Lake Louise, Calgary.  So much to share! And we have even planned for several nights in the mountains so you can relax a bit and soak up the mountain scenery and activities ... and the food ... wonderful hearty western fare whenever possible.

 - Chuckwagon Style Dinners, Rodeo, and Entertainment

      Then continue north to the glories of Glacier National Park, cross the border into Canada to see the stunningly beautiful Canadian Rockies including the cowboy city of Calgary, Lake Louise, Banff, and Jasper before boarding your VIA Rail train or the Rocky Mountaineer Train for the overnight journey to Vancouver and Victoria ... it just doesn’t get more beautiful anywhere else in the world !


  CNEX       - 5-11 Day Experience       $  999

  CNXP       -   9    Day Express            $1295                  - ALS0 -

  CNRE       - 12    Day  Explorer          $1889   - Post Tour #1 - 4 Days                                                                                       Overnight   Train

  CNRD       - 11  Day  Discovery          $1739  - - Post Tour #2 - 5 Days                  Rocky Mountaineer

  CNRS       - 10  Day  Sampler             $1599    - Post Tour #3  - 5 Days Motorcoach

                                                                  Post Tour #1      PT #2   PT #3

   - April-May 15                     = above prices      $475        $690     $495

   - May 15-June 24 & October      add $130       $660        $835     $565

   - June 25-September 30             add $260       $795        $995     $695

- ALL Rocky Mountain Tour Reservations 888-837-7885

- Sample One-Way Coach - Economy Airline and Train Fares

- Vary Seasonally -

                       $ Air Stops $ Train $ Train - Seniors 62+  Roomette & Meals ADD    per room/night

   New York Denver                    138      1       175        149   $50 to $150

   New York Salt Lake City         179      0       184        157

   New York Seattle & Montana  153     1        231        196

   New York Vancouver               306      0       212        180

   New York Calgary                    281      1       not available

   New York Edmonton                231      1       453          399 

Day 1   Arrive in Denver by Amtrak Train or Air       


- Welcome to Canada -


- Bienvenue au Canada -


A Warm "Welcome to Canada" awaits

Everyone in English and French Canada - Everywhere in this wonderful, expansive, Friendly neighbor to our North


       What Adventures and what Fun lie ahead on every one of our exciting Tours of Canada.  From the rugged beauty of the Canadian Rockies and the laid-back Class of Vancouver and Victoria - to the sophisticated charm of Montreal - the world's second largest French speaking city - chic high fashion, vibrant night life,   River Cruises, history - just so much to see in our friendly, welcoming northern neighbor.  Each of the Provinces offers its own brand of warm, friendly people just waiting for you and your friends to explore. 


    Food in Canada tends to be Hearty and Healthy and YUMMY Ottawa offers cuisines of many different countries while Montreal favors French delicate flavors and sauces. Be sure to try some Poutine.


     Atlantic Canada, the Maritimes, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are just a short ferry ride form Portland, Maine.  French-speaking Quebec has a definite European flair.  The Canadian Capital of Ottawa is charming, cosmopolitan, and sophisticated - and the Rocky Mountains are stunningly spectacular.  Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary - then on the West Coast, Vancouver is more relaxed and it fills-in for many US Cities in TV shows and Movies.


      For You we offer One Exceptional Tour that combines the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains in Canada AND the Rocky Mountains of the United States.   Stunning dramatic scenery, Mountain lakes and Cruises, Train Tours and hearty meals in BOTH countries.  From Glacier National Park to Lake Louise, Your tour fulfills every dream that you have ever had - stories of the Mountain Men and Transcontinental Railroads.  Sleep and dine on your train - enjoy the scenery, and the people, and the hearty meals.


    The WEST was explored by 3 Countries - France - England - United States of America.  After the French left in 1759 and the English in 1783, it was left tfor Americans in the United States, and Canadians, still governed by England - to Explore this vast area occupied only by Natives and a smattering of French and English Fur Traders.


      Alexander MacKenzie became the first Explorer to Cross the Rocky Mountains and reach the Pacific Ocean, 12 years BEFORE Lewis and Clark - a shorter distance that he completed in 9 months with one Winter campsite.   Much like Lewis and Clark, he was accompanied by 9 French "Voyageurs", fur trappers, one cousin, and a dog.  Not as well planned, with far fewer people, and on a much shorter route, MacKenzie's Party was the First, north of Mexico, to reach an inlet of the Pacific Ocean.

      - 12 Years later, the USA bought the Louisiana Territory from France, and President Thomas Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the region, and report back.  It took almost three years and many people had given them up for lost.  Accompanied by more than 25  French "Voyageurs", Trappers and Fur Traders, the Lewis and Clark Expedition opened the vast land that we now call "The West"


     Please, to give you some background - watch the wonderful Movie "How the West Was Won"  it is fairly accurate although somewhat condensed - but the "essence" is there.  So, Come, Come, there's a wonderous land, full of hopeful hearts and a willing hand ....."





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$ 199 per person do    2-day Canada Tour

*prices vary with distance traveled and options that you choose, if any.


      Canada Sale Prices are in effect thru December 2020.  Sale BONUS of up to $2000 per group tour.  Bonus = $200 per each day of tour. ALL contract conditions apply.  Minimum 44 paid travelers, 1 comp, and 4 day tour. Tour must be booked with a deposit paid a minimum of 5 months in advance to receive this discount.  Your FREE BONUS is paid to you in CASH or Discount is deducted from final payment. YOUR CHOICE.


- ALL Canada Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885 -


on  Sale

$2000 Discount  or Cash Back

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- Canada Notes -

“Our Wonderful Neighbors to the North"

- Here are Many Helpful Tips -

... to Help Make your Canadian Tour even MORE  Enjoyable ...

CNaCaNo   Page 1/2   1308

“Bienvenue au Canada  =  Welcome to Canada”

      Canada, our nearest international neighbor, is one of the most interesting places you can visit.  The people are very friendly with a happy outlook on life and eager to help you.  Most everyone speaks English as either a first or second language.  In Quebec Province, please be patient if they don’t understand your English.  Their first language may be French!  The French they speak is similar to the way we speak English compared to the English of an Englishman. Many words are common in the Canadian and American language if you listen carefully.      

- Most important ... have a good time. Relax and Enjoy !

      From Montreal, “The Paris of North America” to the quaint streets and horse drawn carriages of Quebec City, to Ottawa, a very cosmopolitan Capital City, Toronto, the commercial heart of modern Canada with more Broadway shows than anyplace else except.....well.....Broadway! .....and the charming seafaring city of Halifax in Nova Scotia.  Plus the beautiful Pacific west coast city of Vancouver..... Of these cities, Toronto and Vancouver are frequently used as movie sets to represent American Cities.  You can’t possibly see it all, but you are going to have a chance to taste just enough of the history, the people, the food, and the vibrant atmosphere that makes up modern and historic Canada. 

      Canada shares so much of our “American” History, most often on our side, but as you will see, sometimes siding with the British and earlier with the French.  But enough history background for now.  Here are some answers to questions that will help you have a much better understanding of our friends and neighbors to the north, the Canadians..........


- ANSWERS  -  To Your  Canada  QUESTIONS -


- Customs and Immigration -

            You MUST possess a current Passport.  and possibly a VISA if your Passport is from a country other than the USA

    International law requires you to have “Proof of Citizenship”  For citizens of most other countries Canada requires a valid Passport.  For re-entry into the United States, you need a Passport.  Aliens must have an Alien Registration “Green Card”, student visa, etc., depending on which country you are from.   

      Crossing the border in both directions, a Federal Border, Immigration or Customs official will get on the coach and ask questions, or passengers may be required to get off the coach and enter the office.  Keep you answers short and simple.  Just answer the question.  If you get complicated or cute, it may delay your coach.  If you are not a US Citizen, be sure to tell your Group Leader in advance. Aliens may be required to get off the coach to register in person.

- Everything is Metric -

      Everything !  Speed Limits, Distances, Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Wind Speeds, everything.  Relax, you will  get used to it, sort of.  It is quite easy.   It is much simpler than the US system.  In fact, almost all nations of the world have switched to metric for its simplicity.  The US was supposed to change in the 1960s and ‘70s, but we quit when we were just part way.  That is why we have “litres” for soda bottles and alcohol, and 100 millimeter cigarettes.  European and Japanese cars are all metric. 

      PS.  Please remember, the plural for more than one ...               Canada Goose isCanada Geese



- Everything you wanted to know about Canada (almost). CNaCa   2/2  1308

- Money -

      Canadian monetary system is very similar to that of the United States, except they do not have $1 or $2 bills. Their coins are the same denomination and size except:  One Dollar Coins (called a “Loonie”) instead of our One Dollar Bills and Two Dollar Coins (called a “Toonie”) instead of our (rare) two-dollar bills.  Bills are in color! The Canadian Dollar is a small bargain since you receive about $1.30 Canadian for every $1 US.  To receive the best exchange rate, you may purchase items with a credit or debit card.  You can use an ATM machine for Canadian cash, but there is a service charge.  Do not expect to get change in US dollars.  You can spend any Canadian dollars left at the Duty Free Shop or often exchange Canadian money for U.S. at the Canadian Duty Free Shop at the border just before you enter the USA.

- Price of Things -

       Everything is less expensive in Canada.  Not only are their prices generally lower, but remember the US Dollar is worth about $1.30+ Canadian so you get more Canadian Dollars for your US Dollar. Subject to currency exchange rate.

- NOTE:  Stores:  Prices are generally lower than in the US.          Remember, the Canadian dollar is worth only about                                  $.75  v US so your American dollar goes                                        further.  Use your Credit/Debit  or ATM                                          Card for best rates.

- Postage Stamps -

     Check with yourTour Director or Canadian Post Office or Store  $1.20 Cent Canadian Postage Stamps are required for Postcards and Letters.    Post Boxes are RED (Mail Boxes).  United States postage stamps  are NOT acceptable

- Flags -

     Canadians are a very proud people and country. They fly                        their flags everywhere.

 The Canadian Flag is Red and White with a Red Maple Leaf in the center.

      The Quebec Province Flag is Blue and White with 4 “fleur                                                                       de lys” in the corners.

- Language -

       The Official languages of Canada is English and French, and French is spoken primarily in Quebec Province and New Brunswick Province.  In Montreal about 70% of the people are French speaking, and in Quebec City about 98% are French speaking.  Virtually everyone does understand English in major cities.  In Quebec Province, all signs are required to be in French only,  but most store and restaurant signs may be in both English and French. 

        Please be patient if someone doesn’t understand you.

            “Merci” = Thank you. “S’il vous plait” = Please (“seel                              voo play”). Saying both is appreciated in every                                                           ... country in the world.

- ROAD SIGNS are all in French in Quebec, but all are international and easily understood.  You get used to them. Flashing green = “left turn permitted = a green arrow.   Traffic lights may have different shaped lights.

- MENUS  In QC (Province of Quebec), and in a few other regions, menus will be written in French, but will typically include English translations. 

- Driving -

     Most driving  rules are the same as in the US.  Speed limits in “Kilometers”  Hint:  100kph = 63 miles per hour.  Signs are standard “international” symbols. Quebec and Ontario Province have reciprocal agreements with New York State and Massachusetts so driving infraction in those provinces will go on your home state license including speeding,  red light, etc.

- Telephones -

     Canada and the United States share the same phone systems so you can make a call from Canada to the USA by dialing your call the same as at home. US Phone Cards work: ATT, Sprint, Verizon, etc.  Telephone operators speak English and they can  place  your call,  but you will pay the MUCH higher operator assisted rate.

     - Yes, there is more, but this will really give you a good start.  Remember, Canada and the United States share North America, so we are all ... Americans.


      - ALL  Canada Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885


The MOST Spectacular Scenic Tour in


ALL of North America


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- Welcome to Canada -

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      Check-Out the Index at the Top fo Each Region for a partial list of Canada Tours avaiable.   We do offer Three (3) Speciffic Tours that venture into BOTH Canada AND the USA.  One Sample Tour Outline is right HERE - listed below.


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